Saturday, January 31, 2009

~My Cute Little Hybrid~

About a week ago I finally purchases a Lati white SP Belle head, for the purpose of trying to do a lati/puki hybrid. I loved the look of the lati head, but I hated the lati body. I wasn't totally sure the head would fit on my puki body or match the resin, but my gamble worked. So for a little while, until I get little Princess her own puki body, Alice will be sharing.

The dress is a comission I just completed a few days ago for Spax13. =)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Boots for Alice, also a New Friends

Over the winter holidays I commissioned a pink pair of ugg boots for Alice, made by the talented Miriam at Mimisstuff. The boots are exactly what Alice and I had in mind, but the best part is the tiny jointed bear that Miriam sent along with the boots. Bernard, as he has been christened, is a very detailed and wonderfully made mohair bear, and he looks just like his larger Steiff cousins. I don't know the make of Bernard himself, but the stiff mohair and his overall appearances looks a lot like the classic teddy bears that used to be filled with sawdust. <3 We are in love!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

White dress for Evie

I made this dress a couple days ago but never posted pictures of it. I started with the idea of a simple longsleeved, empire waisted, full skirt dress in white silk. Then I added some vintage ecru lace at the hem and the collar, like so.The white and ecru looked really pretty together, but I wanted to add some color. I threaded a light blue 2mm silk ribbon through the lace at the hem, and adding some lace and ribbon to the sleeve cuffs, to make them a little more embelished. This was the result:

And last of all, no outfit could be complete without a head accessory of some sort. I thought of making a clip on bow, but somehow I didn't feel a big bow would suit the style of the dress. I decided to go for something a little daintier, and I made a headband. I covered it with the same lace and ribbon that was used on the dress and put one little lace and ribbon bow on each side.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Tiny Doll

Although she's much bigger than my puki pipi Alice, my new littlefee ante Evie still counts as a tiny bjd. <3 As soon as she got here, I started working on an outfit for her.

This was her first dress, a simple sleeveless polka dot number. The fabric is a bit stiff, but it's a lovely faded pink color and I think it would be quite good to use to make an overcoat for her.

This was the second thing I made for her, a charcoal grey sweater sewn from the remains of a very soft but moth-eaten old vest. The yarn the vest was made from was extremely fine and soft, so the scale worked perfectly for her. =) This was her introductory picture, and I think it set the tone for her glamour-puss princess attitude.

Next followed this demure little red number, in the spirit of the holiday season. Christmas may be past, but it would make a good Valentine's day dress too!