Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vintage Maid

I haven't played with Eli for a month or two, so today I took her out for some quality time. Poor little girl needed a breather! She's been spending her days in her box wearing the pink Marie Antoinette outfit (it suits her so well), so we played dressup and tried out different looks. She slimmer than my littlefee and yosd, so their clothes are a bit roomy on her, but I think it makes her look cute. We wound up with this vintage maid-looking ensemble, and I did my best to make it look like an old photo with the help of some Photoshop magic.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Dolls, New clothes

I haven't written any updates for a while, due to being busy with life, but I think some new photos are in order. :) Two dolls have come and gone this past month- a Soom Glot and a Fairyland Pukifee Flora. Glot was cute, and had amazing hoofed legs, but the white skin really threw me off. The pukifee Flora was also very cute, but I have a pukifee Ante as well and I really prefer her over Flora.

Which brings me up to an introduction! Rosalie is my pukifee ante, and she is my little rose angel. This is the first photo I took of her, wearing a short term wig that I made myself so she wouldn't be a baldie. Her open eye faceplate had issues with the faceup when I got it, so it's being replaced. Thus, for now Rosie is one really really sleepy angel.
I tried on a littlefee wig on her, but of course it's way too big. I really like the white fluffiness though. :) I did some sewing for her as well- if you notice, the apron from the top photo doubles as a pajama top in the bottom photo! The pukifee size is really fun to sew for, because she's big enough to be able to get interesting details in the clothes, but small enough so that it doesn't take forever to finish an outfit.
Best of all, my pipos Ringo (named Momochi) can share clothing with Rosie. I had Momochi first, even though she was never introduced here), so I already had a few basic patterns to work with when Rosie arrived. Here is Momochi wearing the exact same thing as Rosie in the top photo. The kitty's legs are a little shorter so the bloomers are ankle length instead of knee-length, but I think she look really cute. So that's all for now. :)