Monday, September 26, 2011

My newest addition... a baby!

For the longest time, I've wanted a Felixdoll Small Comfort baby to make a puki hybrid with. The small comfort body looks incredibly natural with puki heads, and of course I had just the puki head in mind. However, when Felixdoll unexpectedly went bust 2 years ago and stopped production of all their dolls, Small Comfort babies became hot commodities. Secondhand market prices were unstable, the SC babies just didn't come up for sale very often, and when they did there was crazy competition to be first in line to snag it. (Can you blame 'em?)

So I waited and tried to put it from my mind. I had given up hope almost entirely, when I happened upon a listing for a SC baby on DOA. It was incredible, the listing was a day old, but when I messaged the seller to inquire she said the baby was unspoken for! Imagine my joy. :) So after a long long wait, I have my dream baby- Baby Alice.The first night she wore some puki clothes (white panties and pink vest) but everything was hopelessly large and I knew she'd need some clothes of her own. I planned on making a snuggly onesie, but somehow I got my hands on some dove grey silk and instead of a onesie I wound up sewing a victorian baby set, complete with lace ruffled baby cap to keep her little head warm.

It was sort of a challenge to figure out how to do the back because even my smallest metal snaps are too large and bulky for clothes this small. I eventually settled on some micro velcro.
The result is pretty good for a first try, but next I definitely want to make proper soft and tumbly baby clothes. This means I'll have to venture into knits and fabrics with stretch, but I'm willing to try! For tonight, my baby girl is sleeping bundled up in a vintage linen hankie...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's been a LONG time...

Wow... I can't believe my last past was in 2009! o.O That's insane! Here's a shot list of big things that have happened since then:
~ Got married! <3
~ Had appendicitis and surgery >.<
~ Graduated law school
~ Took the Bar exam

I've been dipping my toe into and out of the dolly hobby in the meantime, because I can never stay away for long, but my blog was neglected. Well no more! I will resume my dolly blogging post haste!

Wedding... Alice was there, but she felt comfier hanging out in the dressing room
Appendix... Alice stayed with me in the hospital and kept me company

Graduation... I was up all night studying for a final so it took a LOT of makeup magic to look normal

And of course the bar exam!

Now that things are settled down more, I'll have time to be dolly blogging and sewing again. =] Yay!