Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Magdalene Gets her Own...

Maggie finally got a dress made just for her that fits properly. I used the fabric from a men's shirt my aunt let me have, and although there were some stains here and there, there was tons of prisitine fabric! So Maggie has a dress that is not only a designer fabric, it's also non-wrinkle! =) I never appreciated how nice that could be for doll clothing, but it really is great. No matter how long she stays in a certain position or how the dress is folded or creased, once you straighten her out there's never a wrinkle to be seen anywhere!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Trying something out....

I have a sinking sensation that my posts are being eaten, so this is a test post. Testing, testing...

Eli's Lacy Sleepwear

At night Eli sleeps in her box, but I like to put her away wearing something comfy. :) I'm not sure her daytime dresses are the best for sleeping in, so I made her a sleep set of ruffled panties and matching bralette top.

I used a white stretch ruffle I had, because I wanted the undies to be without any snaps or closures but I had to sew several lengths together to get the ruffle thick enough to work with the design I had in mind. I'm really proud of myself for figuring how to stitch the elastic bits together without hampering their ability to stretch. ;)

Friday, July 10, 2009

A bit late but... New Doll!!!

That's right, a new doll. :) Elaine Josephine is a Pipos Alice Jr. She's a fullset, so she came with wig/clothes/shoes, and I adore her wig. It's so soft and perfect for her, it totally makes her character for me.

In this photo she's wearing Evie's fullset outfit. It's a little big on her, but I like it. :) All the patterns I've made for the littlefee body work with the pipos body, so all the clothes I've already sewn fit Eli just fine... in some cases, better than they fit Evie!