Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Introductions All Around!

Meet Alice! In June 2008 I stumbled by chance upon a photo of a puki puki. It was a puki pukisha, and I immediately became obsessed with find out where this doll came from, how much it cost, and how soon could I get one of my own! Finding Fairyland's website was easy, although choosing which puki would come home with me wasn't. However, as soon as I saw puki Pipi's face, I knew she was the one. Alice was her name, and she arrived at my house roughly one month later.
With no prior sewing know-how I immediately began to make things for her. My first attempts were somewhat poor and messy, but by carefully looking at how my own clothing was made I innovated and streamlined my technique. This blog will be a place together all my designs together, and for Alice to show off her adorable modeling skills. =)