Monday, October 17, 2011

A tricky situation...

So I recently decided to sell my bought-on-a-whim Pukifee Icis. She was cute, but just not fitting in with my twins, so I put her up for adoption. I gave options for layaway, and also for possible trades/partial trades.

A DOA member messaged me back, offering me several limited RosenLied outfits and a pair of boots as possible trades. I made her an offer for their trade value that I thought was fair, but she valued them at their brand-new price. She said the outfits were in excellent condition and hard to find .I accepted this reasoning and valued them at their original purchase price.

The outfits were sent to me, and I received them today. They are beautiful, as expected of RosenLied, but there are damage issues that were not disclosed. The net petticoat on one dress is torn and has holes in several places around the elastic.

There are also some small BRIGHT BLUE stains on the center bow of the matching cape that I have tried to wash but aren't coming out.

On the second dress I found no damage, but one of the snaps in back refuses to snap shut. It simply will not close no matter how hard I press it, and I find it hard to believe it ever worked at all. The boots are perfect, no complaints there.

So, the question is, how to proceed? I have sent photos of the damage to the DOA member. I feel sort of uneasy, because the most heavily damaged limited set with the holes and the stains is the one I have decided to sell because it doesn't suit my girls. =/ I could never sell it without disclosing its issues, which seem irreperable (the netting is not fixable and I can't get the stains out) and to my mind, would lower its value. The dress with the wonky snap I want to keep, and I can replace the snap myself (even though I'm miffed that the problem wasn't disclosed to begin with).

The member still hasn't replied because there's a huge time difference and I've only just sent her the photos, but I'm very flustered by how to proceed. The pukifee I'm selling is brand new, and will include the wig, dress I made, and shoes in the photo. I feel like the items I got in trade should have been without issues. "Excellent condition" doesn't seem quite an appropriate description.

How would you proceed? Am I being to nit-picky?


LeezaKat said...

You were told that the items traded warranted "New" price value. New does not include damages or stains. If you are going to attempt to continue the trade I would say that there is a need for additional money to be paid or the items could be returned to her and the trader pay the value of the doll. Honestly, I would probably send her back all of her belongings and call it off though.

Slavy said...

Yeah... I mean on the one hand I understand that these are limited items that (perhaps?) would be worth more than their original price, but for damaged items I really don't know how it affects their value.

I can't imagine calling off the entire trade, these were shipped in from overseas so the trader has already investing in shipping costs.

I suppose I would be happy with so trade value being docked for the damages, but I suppose first I must wait and see what she says. I was worried I might be acting too picky. -_-'