Friday, October 7, 2011

Have you ever?

Does anyone ever change their mind about a doll based on something as simple as getting a new wig or eyes? Well I have. I was going to sell my soom afi because I never did anything with her, but after trying on this new wig, I'm in love again. Look at her now, isn't she gorgeous?

I got my soom afi a long time ago because I loved her face and hands and the color of her tan. But after I got her and gave her a faceup, I sort of got stuck. I plopped a long blonde wig on her because it seemed like the obvious thing to do, but somehow it didn't really click.
Then I tried giving her a short blonde wig (admittedly it's sort of scraggly) and giving her some pretty light brown glass eyes to replace the pupil-less pink glitter ones. This is what she looked like...
But I was still not happy. I tried black wigs, pink wigs, grey wigs... no joy. But then I tried this light brown wig from Fairyland and some grey glass eyes I bought on a whim, and she just clicked!
I wonder if anyone else has ever been on the cusp of selling a doll, and then changed their mind at the last moment after making a seemingly small change. I've always suspected that getting the right wigs and eyes and almost as important as getting a good sculpt... now I think my suspicions have been confirmed!

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Tea Party Revolution said...

oh yes, the right wig and eyes can definitely make a massive difference to both ownership and how you feel about a doll. I've had it happen a couple of times, not when I was about to sell the doll but when I knew they didn't look right.

Once they had the right wig - WOW... now they're right!